Employed Girl Summer

To be honest, I don’t mind being a part of the machine. Although I usually am someone who has an opinion about anything that is worth having an opinion about (and sometimes what is not worth having one), I also can adapt and fall into line when I know that doing so is just a means to and end.

This summer, I have really been tested on that theory. In my 23 years of life, I have always looked forward to the summer. Summer meant cliff jumping at Lake Powell, body surfing in California, and–at least in the past 5 years–an exciting travel to a foreign place. But this summer I had to level up and work indoors, no particularly exciting trips planned, and a slave to the machine. From May to August, I was working a 30 hour per week schedule. The only way I think I got through it was through knowing that a) I was getting paid, and b) this was a means to an end. What is the end, you ask? I’m still figuring it out. But journalism, podcasts, broadcasts, and writing is certainly part of that end.

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